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ConsumerInfo.com offers a free credit score delivered online.. Uses secure server.
Free credit score.

3 Bureau Credit Report with all 3 scores

The 3 Bureau Online Report gives you a 3-in-1 merged report....You get instant online delivery of the 3 Bureau Report plus 3 weeks of unlimited online access to your report. Comprehensive, detailed credit information from all 3 national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) in a single convenient report.
3 Bureau Online Credit Report

Why Have a Copy of Your Credit Report? Keeping track of your credit history through your credit report is an extremely important part of any financial plan. Mistakes can (and do) happen in credit reports and your best defense is to catch the errors early--before any mistakes on the report can hurt your chances of securing a loan.

Loan Applications:
If you are planning to apply for credit of any type--mortgage, car loan, credit card or personal loan--having a copy of your credit report in hand will allow you to have any potential problems corrected as well as concentrate on any problem accounts before the lender has a chance to look at your report and possibly deny you credit. Even if you are not planning a loan application in the near future, correcting problems now is much easier than doing so during the application process, when time is often limited.

As a Budget Tool: If you want to develop an effective family budget, a copy of your credit report can be a valuable tool. Not only will it give you a clear picture of where your money is going now (so that you can make plans on which items to cut), it will also give you most of your current credit account balances (so you can make decisions on where to best concentrate your efforts for maximum effect.)

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