good faith estimate

Good Faith Estimate
Note: This Good Faith Estimate is an example only. Your own Good Faith Estimate may look different.


City State ZIP
Applicant(s) Name:

City State ZIP
Property Address: Sales Price  
  Base Loan Amount  

Items Payable in Connection with Loan

Government Recording/Transfer Charges

Origination Fee____%   Recording Fees: Deed  
Discount Point Fee___%   Recording Fees: Mortgage  
Appraisal Fee   City/County Tax/Stamps: Deed  
Credit Report   City/County Tax/Stamps: Mortgage  
Mortgage Broker Fee   Other  
Lender's Inspection Fee   Other  
Underwriting Fee  

Additional Settlement Charges

Processing Fee   Survey to__________________  
Courier Fee   Pest inspection to____________  
Wire Transfer Fee   Other  
Other   Other  

Items Required by Lender to
be Paid in Advance

Title Charges

Interest from_____to____@___per day   Settlement or closing fee to_______  
Mortgage Insurance Premium for__mo.   Abstract or title search to________  
Hazard Insurance Premium for__years   Title examination to____________  
Other   Title insurance binder to_________  

Reserves Deposited with Lender

Document preparation to________  
Hazard Insurance__mos.@__/mo   Notary fees to________________  
Mortgage Insurance__mos@__/mo   Attorney fees to_______________  
City Property Taxes__mos@__/mo   Title Insurance to______________  
County Property Taxes__mos@__/mo   Other___________to___________  

Total Estimated Monthly Payment

Principal and Interest      
Real Estate Taxes      
Hazard Insurance      
Mortgage Insurance  

Total Estimated Closing Costs


Total Estimated Prepaid Expenses


Total Estimated Funds to Close