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The Most Popular Remodeling Projects
and Rate of Resale Return

Any remodeling project that you plan for your home should be able to stand a "resale and return" test if you have any intention of selling the house in the next few years. Some projects (for example, a kitchen remodeling project) have exceptional return while others (for example, installing an in-ground pool) have little or no return on your investment.

Here is the rate of return on remodeling projects as listed in
Today's Homeowner:

Minor Kitchen Remodel:
Average Cost $8,395, Return 102%
Bath Remodel: Cost $8,563, Return 77%
Deck Addition: Cost $5,927, Return 73%
Siding Replacement: Cost $5,062, Return 71%
Home Office Addition: Cost $8,179, Return 69%
Window Replacement: Cost $5,976, Return 68%

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