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Home Warranties

Home Warranty packages are available through most Real Estate Agents. They vary somewhat in coverage (and therefore in price), but in general they will warrant the major systems of the house--heating and air conditioning, many plumbing and electrical components, and major appliances--for one year. Although there are some warranty programs that will take effect when you list the house (meaning that you, as seller, may have some coverage before the house is sold), all will give the buyer at least one year's coverage.

Some of the items covered may include:

Central Heating and A/C



Water Heater


Washer and Dryer

Range and Oven



Garbage Disposal

Garage Door Opener

Trash Compactor


Water Softener

Should you offer a warranty up front? It may help the marketability of your house. If a buyer (especially a first time buyer) is comparing two homes, one with a warranty and one without, if all else is equal, it could be an added selling point for your house. It is much like doing a pre-listing whole house inspection. When you can remove doubts from a buyer's mind, it will obviously work in your favor.

A warranty also may help to solve some post-closing hassles. If the heating system goes out the week after closing, a warranty could be a safety net for the buyer (and less potential aggravation for you). Most sellers are more comfortable when they know that, once the home goes to settlement, the chances are reduced for having any added responsibility to their former house.

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