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The following "To-Do Lists" will keep you in control of the various elements of your house purchase. By taking advantage of them, you will be able to monitor your "home buying education" process.

 "To-Do Lists" for the Home Buyer

Keep track of your credit report--click here to get a free copy of your credit score, or see the Credit Center for additional sources of credit reports.

Prepare for your home purchase--spend some time at the home buyer's "prep school."

Develop a budget

Get your financial picture in focus

Find ways to save money on your purchases

Familiarize yourself with the various terms you will hear relating to buying a house. Our Real Estate Glossary and our Mortgage Glossary have the definitions you need

Investigate mortgage prequalification and approval

Get mortgage offer comparisons from

Get a full understanding of how agency works when working with an Agent

Find and choose an Agent

Compare housing types to choose the best for you: Single family, townhouse or condominium

Find the Right Home

Check Home Listings and Prices Online

Determine the Value of a Home

Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

Arranging for a Professional Home Inspection

Moving Plans

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