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House Maintenance

maintain your houseThe health of a home is a lot like our own personal health. If it is regularly checked and maintained, the chances of problems arising are less. With proper maintenance, if and when problems do occur, there is less chance that they will blossom into major problems.

Item to be checked


3 months

6 months


Roof: Visually check shingles from ground. Watch for missing shingles or broken pieces. Check gutters and downspouts.    

Gutters and downspouts: Check and remove any debris to assure unobstructed water flow away from foundation.    

Veneer or siding: With brick, watch for deteriorating bricks or masonry. For siding, watch for warping or rot. Check all painted surfaces.    

Windows and doors: Check caulking around doors and windows, glazing around window panes.    

Lawn and garden: Watch for accumulation of tree limbs, branches, debris that can attract wood eating insects.  

Asphalt Driveways: Check for cracks or deterioration. Reseal if necessary.    

Heating and cooling: Make sure outside unit is unobstructed. Clean unit with garden hose.  


Item to be checked


 Every 3 months

 Every 6 months


Attic: Examine for evidence of any leaks  

Baths: Check for evidence of any leaks, especially around toilets and under sinks (vinyl tile will usually discolor if water is getting underneath it). Check grout on any ceramic tile.

Kitchen: Check for leaks under sink and around dishwasher. Check burner operation on stove. Check grout on any ceramic tile.

Kitchen: Clean dust from refrigerator condenser (rear of unit).  

Heating System: Change filter, check coils for buildup

Water Heater: Check for signs of leaks.

Water Heater: Drain to remove any sediment. In areas with hard water, drain every 3 months.    

Smoke Detectors: Check operation

Smoke Detectors: Change batteries    


Basement or crawl space: Check for cracks or any sign of dampness or leaks. Check for any evidence of termites or wood eating insects.    


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